For many people therapy is not considered a means to maintain good health. It is often regarded as a service to help violent, dangerous and mentally deranged individuals.

The truth is, making the decision to have or maintain good mental and emotional health is one of the healthiest decisions one can make. Your mental health is just as important as your physical Health.

Therapy (also known as psychotherapy) is a service that requires you to actively participate in a professional exchange with someone who is trained to help you identify and resolve issues that are affecting you.  

Therapy often feels like a conversation however it is a strategic and intentional dialogue that is designed to get to the root of your need.

Many people encounter subtle experiences that aren’t always obvious, but can serve as an indication that you could benefit from therapy.

Here are some examples:

  1. You are repeatedly encountering the same problems in your life. This can include encountering the same problems on the job, in your personal or professional relationships and in your finances.
  2. You find yourself reflecting on past hurt or stressful life events for a significant period of time. You may need a professional to help you fully process what happened, and who will help you move past it. Dwelling on past hurt causes one to relive the trauma. This will block you from healing.
  3. You find yourself doing things in excess in an attempts to feel better for the moment. Examples: Excessive shopping, drinking, eating, taking drugs, partying. Although these are behaviors that can lead to a temporary “feel good moment” you are more likely to be left with the long term and sometimes permanent consequences. This can be damaging and does not feel good.
  4. You often spend time alone, you lack supportive and significant relationships with a person that you can trust. As result you are feeling lonely. Relationship breakdowns and deficiencies are often an indicator that you are dealing with personal thoughts and past experiences that are limiting your potential for healthy joyful relationships. You cannot evolve in isolation.
  5. Your days are increasingly becoming more and more difficult to get through. You find your self looking at the clock. Mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds or completely avoiding the things you need to accomplish for the day. If these difficult days have become difficult weeks and are progressing into difficult month these are often symptoms of a much larger issue that can impact you in school at work as well as other areas of your life. A licensed professional can provide you with a full professional assessment which can help you identify the problem and help you improve your daily functioning.

If you are interested in taking a more personalized assessment you can log on to Envrio.com and take a quick personalized free assessment online. (Be sure to click on the personal assessment tab.)

Novena Riojas is a personal leadership coach and Licensed Psychotherapist. Her office is located in Nassau County NY. She provides group and individual therapy sessions, she also conducts wellness workshops. Novena is also available via telehealth services.

If you are interested in seeking a therapist there are many sites you can use to find a verified and licensed therapist such as Psychology Today, GoodTherapy.org, Therapy for black girls.

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