Are you maximizing your potential as an individual? Can you truly say that you are doing well mentally?
Those are some of the questions that many of us grapple with on a daily basis. Instead of coming up with actual answers, we often default to leaving them alone because the thought of further introspection is intimidating. You may feel that way about your mental wellness and life goals because you lack the bandwidth for them.
Here at Enviro Coaching, we provide the mental health support that allows our clients to provide honest answers to those questions. Transformational Coach and Consultant Novena Riojas offers expert counseling and coaching in Uniondale, NY, to ensure all her clients have the mental skills to handle whatever life throws at them.
You deserve nothing less than the best support system, and that’s exactly what we provide. Get in touch with us today and start the coaching program that will change your life.

Expert Support for Life’s Many Challenges

Everyone needs mental health support. Whether you’re a top executive making industry-shaping decisions, an entrepreneur starting their first business, a stay-at-home parent dealing with exhaustion, or a struggling student, you can benefit from therapy or coaching.
It helps to have someone in front of you who offers no judgment and listens. Within that space, you can talk openly about your challenges and receive unbiased feedback from a mental health professional.
Novena Riojas has been offering that type of counseling to residents of Uniondale, NY, since opening Enviro Coaching in 2018. Her extensive experience when it comes to dealing with mental health struggles, including as a provider of psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and EMDR, gives her the necessary skills to help her clients.

Therapy Suited to Your Needs

Here at Enviro Coaching, we strive to put our clients in the environments that give them the most comfort and freedom. You have complete control over your therapy sessions and we work hard to keep support sustainable.
Our establishment offers individual, couples, and family therapy sessions and helps people struggling with life transitions, anxiety, depression, and work-life balance, among other things. Tell us what therapy environment you want before your appointment, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.
Experience expert and personalized therapy, counseling, and coaching sessions in Uniondale, NY, with Novena Riojas of Enviro Coaching.
Coaching Strategies tailored to fit your needs. If you are interested in getting started today, call us at 516-368-9116.

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