Whenever making a change feels frightening it is often perceived that the change may result in loss. This is experienced through physical and emotional responses which is why it becomes difficult to shift gears and make the desired change. Some common emotional responses that are triggered when changes are about to occur are fear, anger, loss, grief, enthusiasm, confusion and sadness. The desire to resist change is a natural part of the change process and can be counteracted by creating a clear strategy which starts with identifying and articulating the change you want. Here are 6 things to consider when making changes.

Identify Your Current Mental & Emotional PositionWhere are you mentally and emotionally as it relates to the change?

AcknowledgeAcknowledge the part that you have been playing which have contributed to your inability to move forward. A good way to change the direction or course of a circumstance in your life is to identify and acknowledge the system of thoughts that contribute to your emotional position.

ForgiveIs there anyone you need to forgive? Are you holding on to something that is preventing you from taking action? (If the answer no, that’s wonderful, however you can start by forgiving yourself for the role that you play in nurturing the thoughts that prevent you from moving forward). Thoughts are powerful they can also be hindrance’s that can ultimately become paralyzing. Also keep in mind that healthy self examination leads to remedial action where it is needed.

Make a DecisionOnly YOU can decide to accept or reject thoughts that enter your mind. Making the decision to shift your mind toward your desired outcome becomes more powerful when you open your mind and heart to new possibilities.

Visualize:  Think about the change that you desire. How will it impact your 5 senses? What will it feel, smell, taste? Speak it out loud…How does it sound?

Establish a Personalized PlanPlans are often accomplished when they are achievable and your success can measured. Having a coach, a therapist or a mentor can increase your likelihood of establishing a clear plan. Sharing this plan with your loved ones or a selection of people who will support you and keep you accountable increases the likelihood that you will achieve your desired change. 

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